Nagle Woodbugs – Mini-Company Showcase

An Interview With The Nagle Woodbugs

Describe our company?

Nagle Woodbugs is a company which sells bespoke pyrography pieces. In simple terms these are designs such as cartoon character which have been burnt onto high quality wood (red pine). These are then sold at Trade Fairs.

How are we unique?

When planing the company we wanted to focus on having a quality product but we are unique in the sense that each of our products are hand crafted. This allows us to add a personal touch to the product by incorporating a customer’s name into the product. This is great for those with Irish name as there are not many products with Irish names for sale in our market.

Where did we get our ideas from?

All the ideas from concepts to company names were reached by group brainstorming. After a lot of discussions Nagle Woodbugs was the company that was created.

Where are we based?

All elements of Nagle Woodbugs were run in the Nagle community college premises. From there we then sold the product at different locations.

When was the company launched?

We first started selling products in December at a trade fair for mini companies but the product has been in the works since September of 2016.

Who are our target market?

Our target market was initially kids and parents of kids but we found there to be more grandparents who wanted to buy the product.

Tell us about your team?

Our company team consisted of most of transition year in Nagle with everyone pitching in and doing a bit of everything. We found this worked because there were so few transition years so it was a small group.

What are our future plans for the company?

We will soon close the company to focus on the Leaving Cert and other commitments but we have all really enjoyed the experience and think it is something more students should try if the opportunity arises.

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