What Are Aptitude Tests?

What’s an aptitude test?
Aptitude tests examine different areas of human intelligence such as:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Percept. Speed and Accuracy
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Space Relations
  • Spelling
  • Language Usage

The DATs are a popular aptitude test which many people do in transition year. Their results can help you decide which subjects to do.
Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses because everyone does differently.

An Aptitude Test

A high score in Verbal Reasoning means that you have an ability to express your thoughts through your words. This is a very useful skill to have. Jobs that this would be useful for include the likes of teachers, lawyers and politicians. If you are have a high verbal reasoning score you should consider subjects like History, Business and English where effective communication is important.

A high score in Numerical Ability means you are comfortable with numbers and calculations. Bank tellers for example or cashiers need to have good numerical reasoning. If you do well in numerical reasoning you should consider subjects like Accounting, Economics and Physics.

Abstract Reasoning is all about understanding abstract ideas, a high score in this means you can get your head around ideas that are a little out there and help to apply them to the world around you. Jobs that require good abstract reasoning include Mathematics, Engineering, Draughting and Laboratory Work. If you have scored well in abstract reasoning you should consider Applied Maths, DCG and Physics as Leaving Cert Subjects .

Speed and Accuracy is self-explanatory, if you score well at it, you are good at working through things with speed and accuracy. Jobs that are repetitive and involve speed such as filing or filling out documents need good speed and accuracy. If you scored high in this, a subject like Accounting might suit you.

Mechanical Reasoning is about understanding the basics of the mechanical world and how things work. This is key for people like engineers. If you score highly in this you should definitely consider subjects like Physics and Applied Maths. Mechanical Reasoning Tests are often given by engineering organisations when selecting new employers.

Space Relations involves the ability to visualise objects in your head in three dimensions and deal with mathematical concepts at a high level. It is very useful for product designers, engineers, carpenters and other occupations that require you to visualise objects or spaces. If you score well in Space Relations you should definitely consider subjects like DCG, Art, Construction Studies and Higher Level Maths.

Spelling tests examines your ability to spell. Great spelling skills aren’t crucial in the modern world but it is useful for all professions especially working in Law and Education. It’s also important in the sciences as there will be a lot of terminology you will have to learn.

Language Usage is all about communication. Like verbal reasoning it is important for Lawyers and Teachers. It is a measure of how well one can distinguish between correct and improper grammar, punctuation and wording of sentences. It is very useful for subjects like History or English.

Hope this helps you make your subject choice and career decision easier to make!

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  1. I would be interested in doing an online aptitude test. can anyone recommend reputable tests online that I an pay for please? Im in JC year and have to hand in my subject choices and TY application !
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