What’s this new forum for?

TY ForumWhat’s this new forum for?
TY.ieTY.ie Staff asked 6 years ago

Why have we made this new forum?

2 Answers
TY.ieTY.ie Staff answered 6 years ago

We have made this forum to provide a platform for students to ask questions relating to transition year. Here students will be able ask about work experience, competitions and more. We will then try our best to answer these questions but we also want students to respond to them too as their information will be very helpful. The forum will be carefully moderated to insure that questions and answers are relevant and useful to students 🙂

Emma MeaneyEmma Meaney replied 6 years ago

the website will not allow me to ask questions, when I click ask questions it just goes back to my profile page.

TY.ieTY.ie ✔️ Staff replied 6 years ago

Hi, Emma. We have fixed the problem so you should now be able to ask a question. Thanks for letting us know and sorry for the inconvenience 🙂

Emma MeaneyEmma Meaney replied 6 years ago

thanks a million 🙂

Jackie O DowdJackie O Dowd answered 6 years ago

Fantastic idea