Transition Year Programmes are a great opportunity to experience a career or course that you are interested in. They give you a good insight into what's involved in that career and are well organised by colleges, institutions or companies. You get to meet TY students who share the same interests as you and it's overall a great experience and beneficial to your career. Below you will find TY Programmes that you can participate in.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not all TY Programmes can be run this year. We are updating the profiles of each programme as we receive new information. Please visit the respective programme's website for COVID-19 updates. TY Ninjas Programme

The TY Ninjas Programme is new work experience opportunity designed by the Team. Transition Year students now have the chance to work with us by improving and contributing to the one-stop hub for all things Transition Year. We have always advocated for a website for students by students, which is why we want TY students to now be involved in the running of the website. We are looking for writers and designers to create a one of a kind experience for TY students.

Self Employment As A Career & The New World Of Work

What do an Architect, a Dog Groomer, a Web Designer and a Journalist have in common? The answer is they will all be self employed early on in their careers. Our workshop about Self Employment As A Career & The New World Of Work informs TY students about what is involved is setting up a business or working as a freelancer. Forty percent of the workforce fit into this category so it is something we all should know about. The Workshop is delivered by an experienced entrepreneur Cairín O'Connor and she tells TY students how they can make money by turning a hobby into a full or part time business. 'I want to inform and inspire TY students across Ireland and I hope they will learn a few things this year that they normally learn during work experience.' Cairín is part of Google Ireland's recent campaign to help 60,000 small businesses across Ireland.

Chartered Accountants Ireland Bootcamp

Boot Camp is an online programme of learning for students looking to develop their financial skills. It was developed and launched by Chartered Accountants Ireland to support senior cycle students in 2019. The programme helps students build a strong foundation in the fundamentals of accounting and finance, while also developing their understanding of how to use financial information to make better business decisions. Students who participate in the programme will develop important, transferable financial and business leadership skills.

For Transition Year students, it is an ideal introduction, not just to accounting, but to the business and financial decision-making process. Favouring a strong practical focus, students are exposed through “real life” business simulations, to concepts like strategy, risk, sensitivity analysis and the importance of critical thinking to good decision-making. Students will also gain real life insights from senior business leaders, accountants and finance professionals.

Health and Wellness Courses and Diplomas / Student Health Matters Program

Health and Wellness International provide a variety of 1 day courses including HEAT (Health Exercise & Activity Training), CAP (Confidence and Positivity), PAD (Player & Athlete Development), HAW (Health and Wellness) and FAMH (First Aid and Manual Handling)

They also provide 3 day diplomas in HAWI Health & Wellness Diploma, HAWI Health, Exercise & Nutrition Diploma and HAWI Coaching Diploma.

Student Health Matters Program
This program is designed to incorporate both a student health screen and education components along with a monitoring and mentoring element.

Student Health Screen
The aim of the student health screen is to determine your state of health. Young students have the opportunity to better understand health markers and create an early culture of taking care of their own health.

Create Yourself Curriculum

Wolf Academy’s Online Wellbeing Courses aim to inspire and empower students to live happier and healthier lives, become their true selves and achieve their ultimate vision. There are 8 individual programmes delivered by experts in a wide range of subjects. Covering topics such as goal setting, visualisation, healthy habits and routines to optimise your day and much more.

Smartphone Film-making Workshop

Our workshops are taught by industry professionals who work in the Irish and UK film industry.
During the workshop students will cover the following modules:

  • Script Writing
  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Working With Actors
  • Smartphone Film-making
  • Editing

Project One Sky

Our programme is to prepare students socially and emotionally for life in the digital age, using themes such as mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, character & competency development and digital awareness. The core belief is that by connecting to a deeper version of ourselves than the superficial image often presented on social media, we begin to transform, not only as individuals but as a society. Our aim is to provide blended-learning wellbeing education for Irish Teens which helps them become healthier and more mindful which in-turn allows them to contribute to society in a more meaningful way.

Self-Awareness & Intentional Behaviours Workshops & Clubs

EiSHT presents their interactive training programme which includes over four hours in self-awareness and intentional behaviours. Covering topics from learning and communication styles to guiding values, dealing with conflict, understanding the impact I have on myself and others. This is supported by a workbook with assessments, notes, affirmations, guided and open journaling and brimming with positivity. Participants are introduced to emotional intelligence and supplied with a tool kit to boost their mental wellbeing and reinforce their resilience and optimism.

The CEIA HighTechElec Programme

The HighTechElec TY work experience programme is a collaboration between CEIA, Tyndall, UCC, CIT and CEIA member companies, developed to give TY students an insight into the high tech careers open to them in industry and academia. Participating students will undertake a week of physics, electronics and technology based workshops, lectures, career talks, and industry placement, culminating in an innovation competition – the TechnoDen. Students will get firsthand experience of the choice of careers available to them.

STEPS Engineering Your Future Transition Year Programme

Hosted by a number of colleges around the country, the STEPS Engineering Your Future programme provides a week of exposure to the various engineering disciplines. Attending students gain a meaningful, practical insight into engineering at third level and as a career - interacting with lecturers and graduates, taking part in workshops and meeting engineers during industry visits.


STEM@Universi-TY is an online STEM immersion programme for Transition Year students.

Students of STEM@Universi-TY will remotely engage in a six-week-long module, where they will have access to Trinity College lectures, attend live webinars, prepare and submit assignments, receive feedback and take an optional college exam. The lectures will cover first-year, college-level topics in Physics, Maths, Technology and Engineering.

Driver Ed Programme

The Irish School of Excellence runs the largest driver education programme for secondary schools in Ireland. Established by Kieran O Brien in 2000, the programme was developed to teach students the fundamentals of driving and to foster responsible attitudes and driving behaviours. The programme is delivered in post primary schools nationwide by qualified ADI driving instructors and 16,200 transition year and leaving certificate students completed the programme in 2018.

OPEN MIND Studio TY Programme

OPEN MIND Studio allows participants to learn, play and explore through workshops, talks and activities which highlight the rich network of interconnections between science, technology and the arts. These provide an opportunity to develop key competences for lifelong learning, such as problem solving, collaboration and communication.

This year's OPEN MIND Studio is entitled ARTificial Intelligence Lab. Participants will explore the impact of complex technology on modern life, as well as delving into the ethics and advances happening in artificial intelligence, and the role of bias and culture.

While we normally hold OPEN MIND Studio in our exhibition space, this term we have moved our offering online to ensure everyone’s safety.

Future Proof Training: Introduction to Healthcare

As the availability of suitable work placements is hindered, we can offer an outlet for students to learn a new skill that will benefit them in the future.

Our 1-day Healthcare course, at our own training facility in the city centre, will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in work in the Healthcare sector while all students will be issued with a Healthcare Certificate which will be valid for 3 years.

Attendees will learn the following
• Patient Manual Handling
• Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults
• Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Residential Programme at Barretstown

Barretstown’s new TY Programme is a Residential Experience on our beautiful 500-acre Barretstown Estate. We will be hosting a 4-day/3 night (Mon-Thurs) programme which will run weekly from February through to April and again from October through to November. Students will learn about Barretstown’s programmes and will actively participate in preparing the site for the next weekends camp and gain an insight into all areas of our operation, from programme delivery to facilities and fundraising.

Personal Safety & Awareness

Personal Safety Ireland instructor Alex Walsh offers a fun, engaging, interactive programme in Personal Safety & Awareness.

The following topics are covered in the 3 hour programme:

• Consent
• Boundaries
• Attitude and behaviour
• Anti-social behaviour
• How to avoid confrontation
• Tips on how to handle confrontation if unavoidable
• How to challenge inappropriate behaviour
• How to avoid becoming a victim
• Easy to learn self-defence moves

Woods Driving School

  • Safety in the car.
  • Prepare them for their theory test
  • Car maintenance (tyre’s, seat belts)
  • Driving Safely (drink & drug driving, speed & mobile phones)
  • Mock Theory Test
  • Certificate of Attendance.

Dulann TY Online Course Bundle

Dulann provides fully certified, interactive, engaging eLearning courses in Health and Safety, Induction, Customer Care, and other training and successfully developed an offering for schools and transition years. Not only can our courses provide students with certification that is required for employment, but they can also improve their computer skills at the same time.

TCD School of Physics TYPE TY Programme

The School of Physics in Trinity College Dublin runs two programmes for Transition Year Students; a week in November and two one-day events in February. TYPE is the Transition Year Physics Experience at Trinity College Dublin and is a programme of events that introduce TY students to physics and the physicists at Trinity.

Amber "Exploring Materials" TY Programme

AMBER is the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEnginnering Research hosted by Trinity College Dublin in partnership with RCSI (The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland), University College Cork, NUI Galway, Dublin City University, Tyndall National Institute, University of Limerick and Athlone Institute of Technology.

We run two TY week placements each year for a total of 32 students and a one day materials science careers opportunity for students who cannot be facilitated during TY week.

APC Budding Biologists Programme

The aim of APC’s Budding Biologists Programme for secondary schools is to promote an understanding and appreciation of science in young people and to highlight career opportunities in science. The programme provides students with the opportunity to conduct ‘hands-on’ experiments and to carry out their Transition Year work placement in university laboratories.

Microsoft Dreamspace

Deciding what you want to do with your life is a daunting thing. Especially when you're only 16 or 17 years old. DreamSpace exists to fire the imaginations of Transition Year students on what the answer to that question might possibly be.

A career in technology opens up a world of possibilities. It does not necessarily mean a life of coding. In DreamSpace we'll show students how technology can set them on a path to doing what they love for a living, how they could make their dream job a reality.

CIT Cork School of Music TY Programme

Transition year musicians from any school in Ireland are welcome to apply for this week-long, full-time work experience opportunity at the CIT Cork School of Music. There is no charge for this course and all materials will be provided.

SFI Research Centre TY Programme

The SFI Research Centre Transition year Programme brings together the expertise of 8 of Ireland's leading research centres funded by Science Foundation Ireland. This week includes an action-packed schedule of workshops, lectures, and demonstrations to students from around the country. Students can meet with professionals working and studying in a range of STEM disciplines and careers. During the week students are given the opportunity to engage with a range of STEM topics, gaining practical hands-on experience as well as becoming familiar with the language of critical thinking.

Barista Training Program & HACCP

Excel Recruitment and the Irish Barista Academy are offering Barista training, specifically aimed at your Transition Years students, but open to anyone who may be interested in upskilling! As the availability of suitable work placements is hindered, we can offer an outlet for students to learn a new skill that will benefit them in the future.

Our 1-day barista course, at our own training facility in the city centre, will provide the necessary knowledge and skills to engage in work as a barista and will also include a HACCP level 1 certificate.

TY Barista Programme

Dublin Barista School offers full day barista trainings. Students will learn the skills needed to gain employment as a barista in the hospitality industry.

This is a very practical hands on course. Dublin Barista School bring high quality commercial espresso machines to your school. Students make up to 60 coffees each during the day.

After practical course students are enrolled in our 2 hour online course. Once successfully completed you will get access to your certificate.

IACT's Online Office and Personal Development Skills for TY

The IACT's Online Office and Personal Development Skills for TY courses are student lead meaning they learn at their own pace. Each student would have their own login to our eLearning Portal. They can login on any device in school or at home. They will be taught through bite-sized easy to follow videos and examples. Each course is certified.

Hospitality Skills Ireland  TY Hospitality Workshop

Hospitality Skills Ireland provide a six hour hospitality training course to Transition Year students where you can gain experience for employment in the hospitality industry. The programme covers personal hygiene, what makes good service, different departments in hotels, customer service, food and beverage and housekeeping.

The course consists of basic theory and the students will be taking part in practical situational training learning at first hand basic skills required for the industry.

Learning Waves TY Media Week Programme

The TY Media Week Programme will provide Transition Year Students across the country with a unique opportunity to get involved in the creation of content for broadcast on a radio station across the country. The programme is run by Learning Waves and funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland through the Television Licence fee. A total of 15 radio stations will take part in the programme between September 2019 and March 2020.

I Wish Cork & Dublin

I Wish is an initiative to inspire, encourage and motivate young secondary school female students to pursue careers in STEM. I Wish ( inspiring women in STEM ) features a conference and interactive exhibitions. The conference consists of workshops, daily keynote and engaging talks by women who are at the top of their field in STEM. The showcase event combines talks and interaction with female role models ( superstars and graduates ) with interactive exhibition spaces where companies engage with the students directly with experiments and demonstrations of what they actually do

Trinity College Zoology TY Week

Would you like to know what it is like to be an undergraduate student of zoology? Experience the life of a scientist, come face to face with an elephant who travelled with Queen Victoria’s son? Learn how vultures hunt and how to use insects to solve crime? If so, you may be interested in a TY week in the Department of Zoology, TCD.

The TY week runs in early Spring. There are around 20-30 places available. We have a varied and fascinating programme of activities for your week with us. There is no fee involved for the programme, all you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

NIBRT Biopharma TY Programme

NIBRT have launched the 1st dedicated biopharma transition year placement program. This program is open to all students currently in transition year with an interest in STEM.

The 5 day placement in NIBRT will allow students the opportunity to experience the state-of-the-art facilities and learn from scientists and engineers working in the research and training teams. The placement will conclude with a dedicated group project presented to management by the students.

School of Improv - Art of Conversation Workshop

School of Improv 'Art of Conversation' workshop aims to bring Improvisation to as many students as possible. Improvisation, or Improv, is a form of comedic theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue are all made up in the moment. Through Improv, students learn; to trust themselves and their creativity, to work as a team, and to truly listen to their scene partner (amongst other skills), all the while having fun and making each other laugh.

School of Life: Etiquette & Social Skills Training

School of Life provides courses to schools in the area of etiquette and life-skills. Michelle Harding, a qualified and internationally registered etiquette consultant, operates the School of Life all over Ireland and works mainly with Transition years, LCA and PLC students.

Localise National Volunteering for All Award

The Volunteering For All award is a nationwide initiative that recognises and affirms volunteering and chartable work undertaken by young people from all backgrounds and circumstances. This initiative is supported by the Department of Justice and Equality through the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration.

A&L Goodbody The Step In Experience

The Step In Experience is a week-long bespoke work placement programme for transition year students. The objective of Step In Experience is to provide students aged 15-17 with an insight into the Firm and the potential career paths available to them.

Step In Experience runs three times a year during September, October and January accommodating 90 transition year students.

TY Ireland Law Modules

TY Ireland Law Modules provides an enriching learning environment that aspires to help students gain legal prospectus with a view to studying law into their future.

The Bar of Ireland Look Into Law TY Programme

The Bar of Ireland's "Look into Law" Transition Year Programme is an exciting initiative aimed at increasing students' awareness of the work of The Bar of Ireland and to encourage students to consider a career as a barrister. This annual "Access all areas" programme aims to encourage schools and students from a wide cross-section of society to apply to take part.

Do you have a TY Programme that's not listed here? You can register your TY Programme here.