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Have you heard of Skills Summary already?

It is a free online tool that will help you assess your career skills including communication skills interpersonal skills and much more. With Skills Summary, you can build a strong CV and give yourself the best opportunity to prepare for your job interview.

Core Competencies


Identify your key life skills by answering 12 short questions in each of our 12 categories.

Skills Summary


Review your progress and record your experience on your personalised Profile Page.



Request endorsements from your mentors or peers to support your CV preparation.

What is Skills Summary?

  • Easy to use online tool for young people between 16 and 25
  • Measures the skills young people gain through youth work, volunteering and other out of school activities
  • Builds confidence by mapping core competencies
  • Helps young people communicate the value of these skills to future employers
  • Supports CV and job interview preparation

How can Skills Summary be used?

Simply login on and explore, test and develop up to 12 life skills by:

  • watching short, accessible videos and examples
  • taking simple multiple choice quizzes and identifying your key strengths
  • recording examples of your experience
  • keeping an overview of your skill levels and progress
  • getting endorsement from mentors, youth workers and peers

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