The Situation in Ukraine, The UN, and African politics: An Interview with John Hogan

I recently spoke to John Hogan, a lecturer and researcher of International relations at VU Amsterdam. I wanted to talk to him to get an expert’s perspective on the situation in Ukraine, but we also spoke about areas he specialises even more in like African politics and international security. You can watch the video here:


0:30 How did John get into IR?

6:51 What does his job as a lecturer and researcher entail?

12:47 What theory of IR does John subscribe to?

16:56 Is the invasion of Ukraine a result of NATO expansion or not?

24:58 Is this the beginning of the end of Putin/ The nuclear threat?

31:54 Will sanctions on Russia work/ What will the result of the invasion be?

42:19 Will there be infighting between Ukrainians?

46:00 Should we expel the Russian ambassador or will this only lead to more cyber attacks?

50:44 Reform of the UN?

58:22  The reason for coups in Africa/ rise of Islamism

1:10:28 Is there a bright future for Africa?/ How Africa can become more independent

1:18:05 Will there ever be a referendum on Western Saharan independence?

1:20:45 How will the invasion affect the China-Taiwan situation/ China expanding its influence

Bain taitneamh as!

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