The importance of giving people personal space

Imagine this, It was a long and hard weekend and it was more work than relaxation. Eventually you head on back into school to tell your “friends” about your weekend. But for some reason, they don’t care. You may be wondering “why do they seem tired of me” “why is no one talking to me first” etc. I could just leave it there and say because you are annoying, but that is too vague. So today, I will be giving insight on to why you need to give people personal space, signs you are annoying those around you etc. Or you could just not read this article and continue to ignorantly annoy people, but I don’t recommend that.

Why is it important?

Image depicting a woman being annoyed by co - worker. Represents how irritating certain people can be.
Image of woman being annoyed by co worker. Represents how irritating certain people can be. (Image Source: Istock)

There are many reasons as to why giving people personal space is important, see below

You don’t know what they are going through – So, lets say you’re not an annoying person and the people around you actually care about you, that can quickly change though. Sometimes you might be eager to say something to your friends, but they could have something bad going on at home. The way to stop this is to not constantly annoy them, but leave them alone and ask if you can do anything to help only a few times.

Being ignorant and constantly annoying people can give you a bad rep – We now live in a society where people are less concerned about talking about life, but instead talking behind people’s back. With the addition of social media it is easy to to chat gossip without ears or eyes in the way. So If you do annoy people they may get tired of you then proceed to gossip about you. People you may not know may also avoid trying to meet you after what they heard.

Signs that you are annoying

Image of a man stalking a group of friends. A true sign of an annoying person (Image source:

Now you might be asking “Why can’t people just tell me to go away”. Well people are either just too nice too say go away, or the annoying people don’t bother listening. I will show you some hidden signs that suggest you may be annoying.

  • You talk first – A common sign that someone doesn’t like you is when you have to say something to get a response from them. This means that people can be so sick of you that you have to say something to at least get a word from them.
  • You’re not included in the group – If people are sick of you they will try there best to exclude you. They might make a project without you because you may be miserable to be around. Or they might go to a place or important event and purposely leave you out because they may not like you.
  • You’re like a ghost – It’s not always actions and body language that shows someone doesn’t like you. Simply doing nothing with you in their presence is another sign. If people are completely done with you then they will talk as If you don’t exist, or they might not make a space for you in their conversation.
  • You come out with topics that others may find uninteresting – Some days your friends may be talking about something that happened last night, but you more interested in talking about something else. But people won’t always care about your interests now matter how passionate you are about them. Now I wish my friends had the same interests as I do, but the truth is they don’t care. Besides I can still be close with my friends without talking about my interests and so can you, hopefully.
  • You copy what they do – Copying someone in terms of the way they work or personality traits makes you seem narcissistic. People will clearly see you trying to impress them by copying them, and it does anything but impress.


A man is presenting confidently in this image. (Image source: Pond5)

Now I know that may be a lot but It is important to know If personal space is here or not. The point of this article was to show that we may be annoying people without even knowing and how harmful that is. So, let’s hope certain people can finally learn there lesson and move on.

Also this is my first article on TY Ninjas so sorry if there are some mistakes. I will explain my absence in my next article.

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