You’ve got Moxie (A Feminist’s Guide to Speaking Up)

Movie: Moxie (2021)

Genre: Female Empowerment

Director: Amy Poehler

Rating: 5 stars


The movie “Moxie” is about a teenage high school girl named Vivian who starts an anonymous pro feminism newsletter after she witnesses gender discrimination in her school. The purpose of this is to let the women in her school feel heard and acknowledged and to oppose the casual sexism that women around the world feel on a day to day basis in her school it has become more and more normalised. The film follows protagonist Vivian, who, inspired by her mother’s activism, becomes awakened to, and understandably enraged, by the blatant sexism on display at her school, ignored by school faculty. On her mission to bring about change, Vivian writes an anonymous feminist-newsletter, inspiring her classmates to take action and demand change. The movement is not without its flaws, and Vivian makes mistakes, resembling her mother, who admits to have made mistakes herself while protesting as a young woman. Eventually, Vivian and her peers bring about real change in their community. Sometimes misguided, they offer young women a more optimistic look at the future–a future where people of all genders, ethnicities, and abilities, no matter their body-type or sexual preferences, can have a voice and be heard.

Image: Scene from Moxie


I love this movie!

I find it to be a great example of the gender based discrimination that happens not just in our schools but in our society, more importantly I found that it is a great illustration of what can be done when people stand together. There is strength in numbers. 

I really love how relatable the characters are. The main character Vivian, isn’t portrayed as perfect. She falls and makes mistakes just like every young person ever. I also really enjoyed the diversity in the casting and how this movie had a massive topic of gender inequality to talk about yet it kept its innocence and point of view from teenage aspect. 

Moxie is a great beginner-feminist film for young people. You can learn alot from this movie particularly in regards to speaking up within your school and finding your voice. The word “moxie” means bravery, or guts. 

Feminism and equality are two topics that are very close to my heart. This movie is a perfect representation of what happens in our schools and what needs to be done about them. One thing I particularly loved was how different kinds of people were represented when dealing with big movements and issues presented to them.

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