Work Experience Letter Template

Got an idea on where you want to go for Work Experience? How you ask is important too! You need to make a good impression on the employer. Below are some tips to creating the perfect formal letter to send to an employer. There is also a template version you can download but we recommend you read the tips and write your own to make yours unique.

1. Introduction

Essentially every formal e-mail/letter you write will start with “Dear Sir/Madam” and this one is no different. Next tell them where you’re from and explain that you are interested in a work experience placement. You should also mention dates that work for you here and the hours that are normally expected of students.

2. The Body

In this paragraph you can explain how and why you are interested in working in the company you are applying to. Anything related to the company is perfect so things like the subjects you have chosen for your leaving cert or attending an extra-curricular activity, or even saying that you hope to study a related course after the leaving cert.

If you don’t have anything related, don’t worry, even if you aren’t that convinced that this is in an area that interests you, you can say that you want to work here to see if it suits you.

3. Finishing Steps

Here you can just sign off with a simple message saying you would be grateful if they considered you for their company/course. You can also mention that you have attached your CV, which is the other thing not to forget.

So altogether…

  1. Introduction – Formal greeting, who you are, where you come from etc.
  2. The body Why this company interests you, related subjects/activities.
  3. Finish – Say thanks for consideration, make sure to attach CV!

Below is a template which is also available for download, again we recommend that you only use this for help, you want to sound unique when applying for a job and copying and pasting won’t achieve that.

Preview the Work Experience Letter

Download the Work Experience Letter in .odt format

Download the Work Experience Letter in .docx (Microsoft Word) format

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