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One of the most important things you will do in Transition Year is make your first CV. When you ask a company for work of any kind you will need to send them your CV, whether it's through email, post or in person. We have a few tips and a template you can download below, to help you with making your CV

Here are some things you should include:

Basic Details

This part is simple, you just need to include your name, age/DOB, address etc.


Here you list where you went to primary school and where you're going to secondary school. Under education you also list your Junior Certificate results.

Work Experience

If you have any yet, you should definitely include any and all work experience you have done to date, including any volunteering e.g. S.H.A.R.E. This is less important when you are writing a CV just for a couple of weeks of work experience in TY, but for a job later in life , work experience is probably the most important thing on your CV, it is highly regarded when applying for a summer job too.


Things like proficiency in Microsoft Office and First Aid are included here, you can also include job-specific things like stocktaking experience.


Here you can include any hobbies or interests you have and where you can put sports and clubs you are part of.

Awards, Achievements & Projects

If you have awards for any achievement in academia or sporting it is always a good way to showcase yourself by including them here.


Here you can put anyone who knows you well enough to give you a reference, people like club managers and teachers are most common for teenagers, but if you ask the person you did your work experience with they might let you as well. Make sure to ask the person before you put them down as a reference, it won't look good if they're surprised to get a phone call! You can also simply put "References available on request".

It's not hard to write down all the details but making it look nice is a different story, below a template you can use free of charge to make your CV. Note that the formatting may change with different programmes.

Preview the CV Template

Download the CV Template in .odt format

Download the CV Template in .docx (Microsoft Word) format

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