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Describe the company is a new and innovative online grinds website. We do away with the standard, boring pages of notes and offer detailed and engaging video tutorials for some of the toughest questions on the Junior Cert! Currently we offer grinds in Maths, Business and Science but we plan to expand to more subjects very soon!
How are you unique?
We are unique because not only are we the first online video resource tailored to the Junior Cert, we are also run completely by students, for students! This has proven to be very popular with our customers! Can it get any better? We are the cheapest online video resource at €9.99 for 1 month and €24.99 for 3 months!
Where did you get the idea from?
The idea for the business came not long after receiving our own Junior Cert results in September 2016. Between the 3 of us we achieved 19 A’s! We wanted to put these and our knowledge of the exams to good use and was born!

Where are you based?
We’re based in Navan, Co. Meath but because our business is a website, location is really not a problem for us!
When was the company launched?
The company was launched in late October 2016 and since then we have won 5 awards and have been finalists in 7 competitions.
Who are your target market?
Our target market is primarily 3rd years studying for their Junior Cert. However, we also cater to 2nd and 1st years and even some TYs who want to revise before heading back into 5th year!
Tell us about your team? is run by 3 TY students from St. Patrick’s Classical School in Navan: Dylan Carrig, Tom Fitzgerald and Matthew Heaney.

What are the long term plans for your company?
In the future we hope to expand beyond Maths, Science and Business to other subjects such as Geography and French. We also hope to expand our customer base to every corner of Ireland and maybe even into the UK.

How do people get in touch with you?
There’s loads of ways you can get in contact with!
Twitter: @videogrinds_ie
Snapchat: videogrinds

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