PocketKnow – Mini-Company Showcase

An Interview With Alex From PocketKnow

Describe the company
Back in the summer of last year after learning how to develop iOS apps, I developed PocketKnow. (Download here: https://appsto.re/i67w6jP ) We use iPads in our school and I realised that there is no one complete, free study aid for Junior Cert students, so I went about creating one. PocketKnow contains free revision notes, videos, past papers and more all designed to be accessed in seconds to cut down on time wasted which is essential for studying students. I also have a Leaving Cert Points Calculator which calculates points using the new system in seconds. (Download here: http://apple.co/2pvPk0B ) So far both of my apps have been downloaded 1600+ times.
I have also been working with Augmented Reality which is a technology that scans the user’s environment using the device’s camera and then adds a 3D model into the scene. The technology hasn’t really been used in Education here in Ireland so, I developed ‘Augmented Reality Flashcards’. These flashcards, when scanned show a 3D model of what the flashcard is based on. e.g.: If you scan the code on the ‘heart’ flashcard, a 3D model of a heart will appear.
How are you unique?
My revision tool, PocketKnow, is unique because it is the first Junior Cert revision tool which is completely free that focuses on the user, which in this case is the student. My Augmented Reality flashcards are unique because they are the first to use the technology in this way and I hope that, for the future, they are a regular in the classroom.
Where did you get the idea from?
I got the idea for my app through my use of iPads in school. I don’t think that they are used enough for their price and it is currently very time consuming to find content to study. For the flashcards, I always thought that the 2D images in Science books weren’t good enough to aid study. Augmented Reality adds a whole new dimension therefore improving the student’s study through the interactivity of the experience.
Where are you based?
I am currently based at home just outside Kilmallock, South Co. Limerick, where I go to school.
When was the company launched?
My first app PocketKnow was released on October 5th and my Leaving Cert Points Calculator was released a month later. I have yet to release my flashcards but to be notified about a release sign up with your email at: pocketknow.ie/flashcards
Who are your target market?
My target market are mainly second level students for my apps but my flashcards will be targeted at teachers, students and parents.
Tell us about your team?
I am the only person in my team. I have done everything myself so far but I will be looking to add someone to the team soon.
What are the long term plans for your company?
My long term plans are for my flashcards to be mainstream in the classroom. I would like to see the technology being used daily by students as I believe that it can really aid their learning.
How do people get in touch with you?
You can send me an email at: alexandergoodison@gmail.com or you can simply message me through my Twitter account at: @PocketKnow. Also make sure to check out my website: pocketknow.ie

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