My TY Experience – Julia Lynes

An Interview with Julia Lynes Co-Founder of EazyCity

My TY experience…

Where did you go to school?

Colaiste an Phiarsaigh, Glanmire, Co. Cork

When did you complete TY?

Way back in 1998!

What did you enjoy most about TY?

I liked the variety it offered. The different modules allowed me to try out various new subjects and also meant that I wasn’t in the classroom all week. I had community work at a local childcare centre every Tuesday morning. I really enjoyed the sense of independence of going to ‘work’ during the week instead of going in to school.

Where did you do your work experience?

I carried out my 2 weeks of work experience at a busy restaurant in Cork City centre. I really enjoyed the experience of dealing with customers every day and working in a lively atmosphere with other colleagues. However, I personally left it quite late to organise my work experience placement. I think nowadays there are such fantastic opportunities that if I had my time over I would have done more research into which area of work I really wanted to ‘try out’.

Did you have an experience abroad during TY?

I didn’t have the opportunity to go abroad during TY. I think it’s a superb experience if you can do it either by spending a high school semester abroad or doing work experience in another country. Having an experience abroad opens your mind to other cultures and how other people live, work etc. It’s also very beneficial when you enter the working world back home to have that experience behind you.

What TY modules did you enjoy most?

In my school we got to do First Aid and Japanese language classes which I really enjoyed.

Advice for students entering TY?

Use the year well to try out different things whether that’s hobbies, sport, new languages, an experience abroad or work experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to try out different areas of work which might be of interest to you in the years ahead. It can help to focus your direction on what you would like to study at 3rd level or which career path you would like to take. Don’t shy away from asking – many companies are very open to taking students in on work experience. Don’t waste this year ahead. Take every opportunity that comes your way during the year and then go out and find more opportunities yourself!

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